Newsletter June 2015

70 Godley Road Green Bay
Phone 8274075
June 2015

General Practitioners
Dr John McAllister
Dr Cushla Borthwick
Dr William Reyneke
Dr Gina Kaye
Dr Sally McLaren
Dr Deborah Mitchell

Practice Manager: Gwenyth Tilton
Receptionists: Ljubica, Carol, Maree, Bernice, Jacqui, Kate and Kerry

Lead Practice Nurse: Nickie
Practice Nurses: Rosemary, Tracy, Anne, Sarah, Sue, Sally & Gwenyth
Relief Practice Nurse: Judy Relief Receptionist: Janice

Medical Typist: Janice Freeman Clerical/admin: Coryl & Jacqui

We were not permitted to increase patient fees last year, however Practice costs such as power, rent, wages etc have continued to rise steadily. To partially address this issue, we have introduced some ‘user pays’ fees - including the ‘INR monitoring charge’.
The current enrolled-patient fees of $17.50 (adults) and $11.50 (for children 6 to 17 years) are for standard ten minute medical consultations with the GP.
Treatment for an on-going illness may require more than one consultation, unfortunately we are not able to discount follow-up consultations.
Fees for a standard 10 minute medical consultation are below, additional charges
will apply for extended consultations and when extra services are provided.

We undertake to provide urgent Medical Services regardless of ability to pay.
We encourage you to pay your account at the time of the consultation and additional charges will apply if payment is not received at the time the service is provided: a $5 non-refundable administration fee will be added automatically.

After the first consultation, fees for medical consultations are discounted for those enrolled with the Practice. We are required to hold a signed form for each patient to confirm enrolment on our Practice Register and proof of eligibility for NZ Health Services.
Please ask for a copy of the PHO information sheet which includes a “Health Information privacy statement” regarding data which is routinely shared with other agencies.

ACC Part Charge (ACC provides a partial subsidy)
Under 6 years: free G.P. and Nurse consultations (charges apply for dressings)
For those 6 to 17 years: $20 (plus cost of dressings etc)
Adults 18 years and over: $25 (plus cost of dressings etc)

Prescriptions: free for under 6 years, cost $6 for enrolled children, $14 enrolled adults.
Faxed scripts (within the Auckland area) cost $6 extra, posted scripts cost an extra $3.
Those faxed out of the Auckland free-calling area cost an extra $8.
The prescription fee for non-enrolled adults is $20, non-enrolled children; $10

INR monitoring: $5 per month for enrolled patients [$10 per blood test for visitors]

PAYMENTS: We welcome payment by EftPos, cash or Internet banking; please ask a receptionist for details. Unfortunately we are unable to process credit card payments.

URGENT CLINICS: A G.P. is the ‘Duty Doctor’ to see patients who are acutely unwell at 8 a.m., midday and for the evening Urgent Clinic at 4.30 p.m. on Mondays to Thursdays and at 4 p.m. each Friday. (Please note that the afternoon Urgent Clinic is earlier when we close early).



On June 1st Dr Deb Mitchell joined the team at Green Bay as a Partner sharing Dr Gina Kaye's Practice. 
Together they will look after Dr Kaye's current patients and will communicate regularly to ensure consistency of care. 
Dr Kaye will work on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and Dr Mitchell will work on Monday morning, Tuesday and Friday.
They both are excited and looking forward to the new arrangement. If as a patient you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to ask either Dr Kaye or Dr Mitchell who would be happy to discuss them with you.

Healthy weight clinic
This clinic is for people who struggle with achieving and maintaining a ‘healthy weight’. If individual advice on diet and exercise, tailored to your health needs and lifestyle, is of interest to you, please email and we will contact you with details.

The practice:
Usual Hours
Days Usual hours: Urgent Clinics Afternoon Urgent Clinics
Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. 8 a.m. & midday 4.30 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. 8 a.m. & midday 4 p.m.

‘DNA’ appointments: It causes issues when patients do not arrive for their appointments - or cancel at short notice. We may charge the usual consultation fee for those not arriving for their appointment without a reasonable explanation.

URGENT CARE: (when are open)
If you, or your child, require urgent attention, please phone the Medical Centre and ask to speak to a Practice Nurse. She will liaise with your doctor regarding your care.

AFTER HOURS: (when we are closed)
In an emergency: please call 111: and ask for the ambulance service.
For non-emergency calls: phone 8274075 at all times. Care for illness or accident is available at Henderson Westcare/White Cross Clinic at 131 Lincoln Rd, Henderson (24 hours) and at Westcare/White Cross Clinic, 2140 Great North Road Avondale.
Our phones are switched over to HML (Home Care Medical) each week day at the scheduled close time. The phone will be answered by a registered nurse who can give advice or suggest being seen at an Accident & Medical Clinic. HML is available when we are closed: on week nights, public holidays and at weekends. The HML service is unable to make appointments for you or take prescription requests so, if this is what you require, please wait for our phone to be switched back over at 8 a.m. before calling us.

INR MONITORING (for patients on Warfarin)
The patients taking Warfarin medication require regular monitoring of ‘INR’ blood results to ensure the dosage is safe and effective. There is now a $5 monthly fee to partially cover the practice cost of providing this service. The account can be settled when next at the Practice. Any visitors needing INR monitoring will be charged $10 per blood test.

ENROLMENTS: Although our books are officially closed to new patients we regularly have room for family members and sometimes for local residents to join the Practice, as patients move out of the area. Please enquire at reception about the application process.

Primary Health Organisation (PHO) ENROLMENT
We are required to have a signed form for each patient to confirm enrolment on our Practice Register. We continue to update these forms as the required information is now more detailed. For those patients born overseas, the Ministry of Health requires us to hold documentation proving eligibility for NZ Health Services; generally this involves producing your passport for us to photocopy, which we keep with your Enrolment (or Update) form.

VISITORS who wish to be seen on a casual basis: We will see relatives or friends staying temporarily with Practice families for urgent medical care, however we do not always have the capacity to see casual or transferred patients, so we may direct them to their own G.P.or to a Westcare/Whitecross Clinic.

Dr Deb Mitchell is available to discuss your requirements prior to overseas travel. The cost of the consultation is $60 as it is not funded by the Ministry of Health - this covers the appointment with Dr Deb and the nurse. Please make an appointment and advise the receptionist that it is for travel. If vaccinations are recommended, these are an additional cost and are preferably given some weeks before your trip.

For the protection of staff and other patients, it is essential that patients or parents PHONE for medical advice if they, or their children, may have an infectious disease. If a consultation is recommended, we will provide a separate area to wait to see the GP.

Please discuss with your doctor if you have any problems with your treatment or experience at the Medical Centre. If your G.P. is unavailable, or you wish to discuss non-medical matters, please contact Gwenyth Tilton, the Practice Manager.

LABORATORY or XRAY RESULTS: See below for ways to contact the Practice Nurse.

PRESCRIPTIONS: Between regular six monthly consultations with your doctor, repeat prescriptions may be requested from the Practice Nurse. It is essential that you ask for your prescription at least a week before you require more medication, as there may be a delay in obtaining an appointment if you are due to see your doctor. Routine prescriptions will be available on the following working day (at least 24 hours after the request).
When possible we ask that you avoid collecting prescriptions on a Friday afternoon;
especially if you are required to see the Practice Nurse for any recordings.
See below for ways to contact the Practice Nurse.
Contact the Practice Nurse by phone on 8274075 or email Please ensure that the return email will remain confidential, and include your contact details, in case the Nurse has any queries. A Practice Nurse is on phone duty from 9 a.m. to midday and 2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m., however at busy times, especially on a Monday morning, our phone lines become overloaded. The phone is often quieter between 11 a.m. and midday or in the afternoon from 3 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. If a Practice Nurse is not free to take your call, the receptionist will take a number for you to be phoned back.

A G.P. is the ‘Duty Doctor’ to see patients who are acutely unwell at 8 a.m., midday and for the evening Urgent Clinic at 4.30 p.m. on Mondays to Thursdays and at 4 p.m. each Friday. (Please note that the afternoon Urgent Clinic is earlier when we close early).
Urgent Clinic is not available when there is more than one problem to cover, or for
three or six monthly appointments for regular medication
routine ‘check-ups’, including cervical smears breast examinations
Drivers Licence medicals
renewal of Work & Income Benefits or ACC off-work certificates
We require that you see your own doctor, at an appointment, for routine matters leaving the ‘Urgent clinics’ for urgent consultations for unwell patients. The standard consultation fee applies for Urgent Clinic consultations.

Changes to the (Work & Income) benefit system
The Work Capacity medical certificate now takes longer to complete, so beneficaries must book an appointment (ahead of time) with his or her own GP (or their locum) to obtain the ‘Job seeker’ Medical Certificate, which replaced the Sickness Benefit.

Regular Practice Meetings are part of Quality assurance: the next meeting will be later in 2015 when we will close over lunchtime for an hour (12.30 to 1.30 p.m.) We view these meetings as being very important - we apologise for any inconvenience.