Dec 2019

Holiday 2019/2020 hours

70 Godley Road Green Bay Phone 8274075

Newsletter October/November 2019
General Practitioners

Dr John McAllister Dr Cushla Borthwick
Dr William Reyneke Dr Gina Kaye
Dr Deborah Mitchell Dr Sally McLaren
Practice Manager: Dianne Gamble
Lead Receptionist: Kylie
Receptionists: Bernice, Karen, Sophia, Donna and Liz
Lead Practice Nurse: Nickie
Practice Nurses: Rosemary, Tracy, Sarah, Sue, Delia and Pilar
Relief Practice Nurse: Clare


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Hours for Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020
On Tuesday 24th December we will close at 1 p.m.,
re-opening at 8 a.m. on Monday 6 January

December Hours Open Urgent Clinics
23rd 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. 8 a.m., 12 md. & 4.30 p.m.
Tuesday 24th 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. 8 a.m. & midday

CLOSED from 1 p.m. December 24th to 8 a.m. on January 6th
We are closed all Public Holidays, plus Friday 27 December and the whole week over New Year, as the Practice is undergoing renovations.

1737, need to talk?

‘1737, need to talk?’ is New Zealand’s national mental health & addictions helpline number. The 4-digit number is free to text or call anytime (24 hours a day 7 days a week) to talk with a trained counsellor.

For up to date information on the Measles situation, please look at this website: For information on previous MMR vaccination, please email the Nurse on
If you, or a family member, are unwell and you suspect Measles, please phone and speak with a Nurse - please do not just turn up at the Practice.
Currently, vaccine supply is limited and so immunisations are restricted, with priority given to children 12 months and over.


New Fees information

PRACTICE CHARGES; Enrolled patients

The enrolled-patient fees are $19 (adults) and $13 (14 to 17 years). These fees are for standard 10 minute medical consultations with the GP, additional charges will apply for extended consultations and when extra services are provided. Treatment for an on-going illness may require more than one consultation, we are not able to discount follow-up consultations.

There is no charge for standard consultations for enrolled children 13 years and younger, although fees apply for consumables and for special procedures.

After the initial (new patient) consultation, fees for medical consultations are discounted for those enrolled with the Practice.

ACC Part ChargesSadACC provides a partial subsidy)

Under 14 years: free G.P. and Nurse consultations (charges apply for dressings)
For those 14 to 17 years:
$20 (plus cost of dressings etc)
Adults 18 years and over:
$25 (plus cost of dressings etc)
Patients with CSC [Community Services Card] (Charges apply for dressings)
Teens 14 to 17 with CSC [own or parent’s] - free G.P. and Nurse consultations
Adults 18 and over with CSC - free G.P. and Nurse consultations

There are further details about charges in our Practice Information Leaflet.

We undertake to provide urgent Medical Services regardless of ability to pay.

We encourage you to pay your account at the time of the consultation and additional charges will apply if payment is not received at the time the service is provided: a $5 non-refundable administration fee will be added automatically.

PAYMENTS: Payment can be made by EftPos, cash or Internet banking and we will process credit card payments for amounts over $100.

PRESCRIPTIONS: are free for 13 years and younger (when collected from the Practice), cost $7 for enrolled 14 to 17 years and $15 for enrolled adults.
Same-day prescriptions for regular medication will be printed
for one month only.
Posted scripts cost $3 more and faxed scripts (within Auckland) are an extra $6.

INR MONITORING (for enrolled patients on Warfarin). There is a $5 monthly fee towards the practice cost of providing this service.

We appreciate that it is convenient to email your GP for medical advice, however to do our best for you, it does take time to review your notes and decide on the best response so $10 fee applies. Prescriptions may still be requested from the nurse ( for only the cost of a script fee.

‘DNA’ APPOINTMENTS; When patients do not keep their appointments, or cancel at short notice, we charge the usual consultation fee for those without a reasonable explanation for not arriving for an appointment.


Well Being and other Services

Is it time to address your well-being?
Could the ‘Healthy Weight’ programme, to be ready for summer, be right for you? Dr Cushla Borthwick and Practice Nurse Tracy have flexible options to assist you towards developing a healthy lifestyle.

Email Tracy on for more information.

AFTER HOURS: (When we are closed)
Care for illness or accident is available at Henderson Westcare/White Cross Clinic at 131 Lincoln Rd, Henderson (24 hours) and at Westcare/White Cross Clinic, 2140 Great North Road Avondale. Our phones are switched over to Home Care Medical (HML) each week day at the scheduled close time. There is further information in our Practice Information Leaflet.

ENROLMENTS: Although our books are officially closed to new patients we regularly have room for family members, living at the same address as our current patients and sometimes for Green Bay residents to join the Practice, as patients move out of the area. Please ask at reception about the application process.

Primary Health Organisation (PHO) ENROLMENT
We are required to have a signed form for each patient to confirm enrolment on our Practice Register. We continue to update these forms as the required information is now more detailed. For those patients born overseas, the Ministry of Health requires us to hold documentation proving eligibility for NZ Health Services; generally this involves producing your passport for us to photocopy, which we keep with your Enrolment (or Update) form. Should you fail to produce the required information you can still continue to be cared for, although charges will be at ‘Visitor’ rates [the standard fee is $75].

VISITORS who wish to be seen on a casual basis: We will see relatives or friends staying temporarily with Practice families for urgent medical care, however generally we do not have the capacity to see casual or transferred patients, so we may direct them to their own G.P.or to a Westcare/Whitecross Clinic.

TRAVEL VACCINATIONS: Dr Deb Mitchell is available to discuss your requirements prior to overseas travel. The cost of the consultation is $60 as it is not funded by the Ministry of Health - this covers the appointment with Dr Deb and the nurse. Please make an appointment and advise the receptionist that it is for travel. If vaccinations are recommended, these are at an additional cost and are preferably given some weeks before your trip so please make an appointment well in advance.

VACCINATIONS FOR OTHER DISEASES: A number of other immunisations are recommended in New Zealand, although not funded in the current programme. These include Chicken pox vaccine for older children, (it is funded at 15 months), Shingles vaccine for those 50 to 64 years, also Meningitis vaccine for students entering tertiary education (or boarding school). Please discuss with your GP.

SKIN CHECKS: Doctors Gina Kaye and Deb Mitchell are now offering dermoscopic skin cancer checkups: a half hour appointment, examining all skin lesions. This is highly recommended for anyone who lives under the harsh NZ sun! In particular, people with a personal or family history of skin cancer. The cost is $100.