New Fees information

PRACTICE CHARGES; Enrolled patients

The enrolled-patient fees are $19 (adults) and $13 (14 to 17 years). These fees are for standard 10 minute medical consultations with the GP, additional charges will apply for extended consultations and when extra services are provided. Treatment for an on-going illness may require more than one consultation, we are not able to discount follow-up consultations.

There is no charge for standard consultations for enrolled children 13 years and younger, although fees apply for consumables and for special procedures.

After the initial (new patient) consultation, fees for medical consultations are discounted for those enrolled with the Practice.

ACC Part ChargesSadACC provides a partial subsidy)

Under 14 years: free G.P. and Nurse consultations (charges apply for dressings)
For those 14 to 17 years:
$20 (plus cost of dressings etc)
Adults 18 years and over:
$25 (plus cost of dressings etc)
Patients with CSC [Community Services Card] (Charges apply for dressings)
Teens 14 to 17 with CSC [own or parent’s] - free G.P. and Nurse consultations
Adults 18 and over with CSC - free G.P. and Nurse consultations

There are further details about charges in our Practice Information Leaflet.

We undertake to provide urgent Medical Services regardless of ability to pay.

We encourage you to pay your account at the time of the consultation and additional charges will apply if payment is not received at the time the service is provided: a $5 non-refundable administration fee will be added automatically.

PAYMENTS: Payment can be made by EftPos, cash or Internet banking and we will process credit card payments for amounts over $100.

PRESCRIPTIONS: are free for 13 years and younger (when collected from the Practice), cost $7 for enrolled 14 to 17 years and $15 for enrolled adults.
Same-day prescriptions for regular medication will be printed
for one month only.
Posted scripts cost $3 more and faxed scripts (within Auckland) are an extra $6.

INR MONITORING (for enrolled patients on Warfarin). There is a $5 monthly fee towards the practice cost of providing this service.

We appreciate that it is convenient to email your GP for medical advice, however to do our best for you, it does take time to review your notes and decide on the best response so $10 fee applies. Prescriptions may still be requested from the nurse ( for only the cost of a script fee.

‘DNA’ APPOINTMENTS; When patients do not keep their appointments, or cancel at short notice, we charge the usual consultation fee for those without a reasonable explanation for not arriving for an appointment.